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The LA Kings and University of Phoenix

Article2A6.jpg Article2a COVER picture by wvbgc The LA Kings and University of Phoenix partnered to host a hockey clinic at the Club on July 28. LA Kings alumni, Daryl Evans and Brad Norton, made a deep impact on the kids by explaining the importance of education, determination, and achievement followed by a lesson on street hockey fundamentals and safety. They also made a generous donation to the Club, which included brand new street hockey equipment and gear including hockey sticks, goalie masks, protective pads, helmets, as well as two goal nets for the kids to enjoy. A big thank you to the LA Kings and the twenty University of Phoenix volunteers who made this event fun and memorable!

Article2A5.jpg Article2a#1 picture by wvbgcArticle2A4.jpg Article2a#2 picture by wvbgcArticle2A2.jpg Article2a#3 picture by wvbgc

Jacobs Again Host Reagan Library

Article2B1brightenplz.jpg Article2b COVER picture by wvbgc Thanks to the generosity of Jake Jacobs of Rose, Snyder & Jacobs, CPAs, more than 40 members of the Club’s teen program participated in a unique learning experience at the Air Force One Discovery Center at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library.

The year is 1983.  The United States is in the middle of the Cold War, and the Communist Cuban military is building an airport on the small Caribbean island of Grenada.  How should the U.S. respond?  The teens had to decide what action the U.S. should take.

Prior to arriving at the Discovery Center, the kids received materials to help them learn necessary background information. At the center, students split into three role-playing groups – each group responsible for a particular assignment, including decisions made in the oval office, military headquarters and the press corp. The visit helped the kids to develop an understanding of the responsibilities and challenges that leaders in government, the military and the press corps face. Each student was assigned a role in the decision-making, including President Reagan, Secretary of State Shultz, Admiral McDonald, and other high-ranking officials who decided to invade Grenada.

Mr. Jacobs sponsored this amazing experience by providing transportation to the Library and lunch for all the teens who also received a picture of themselves in front of Air Force One.  This is the second year that Mr. Jacobs has supported the teen program with a visit to the Ronald Reagan Library, and we are grateful for his commitment to our kids.

Article2B4MilitaryRoom.jpg Article2b#1 MILITARY ROOM picture by wvbgc

Brinnegar Sponsors Two Club Programs

Article2C3Etiquette.jpg Article 2c COVER picture by wvbgc The Brinnegar Charitable Foundation hosted two programs this summer, the 3rd annual music workshop and the 4th annual etiquette workshop. The music workshop on July 23 taught 80 Club members, ages 7-14, about music fundamentals and the history of various genres. They enjoyed games and activities, and learned to appreciate all types of music. Each participant went home happy with a brand new Apple i-Pod Nano to listen to their favorite jams!

On July 27, 120 members of the Club’s teen program participated in the Annual Etiquette Workshop, which teaches social and dining skills to young teens and pre-teens. During the two-hour workshop, the kids learned valuable skills, such as having respect and courtesy for others, good manners, dating etiquette, telephone etiquette, table manners, and formal dining format and etiquette. The second part of the experience was to practice what they learned during a formal luncheon where tables were formally set and catered by Henri’s.

Time Warner Cable

Article2C4Madscience.jpg Article2d cover picture by wvbgc Time Warner Cable sponsored the Mad Science program which is designed to spark the imagination and curiosity of children by providing interactive and educational activities that instill a clearer understanding of science and how it affects the world around us.

On July 27, the Mad Science event included 100 Club members ages 6-11, and started with a highly interactive presentation of science demonstrations, such as chemical reactions, states of matter, bubbling potions, and air pressure experiments. After the presentation, the Club members participated in hands-on interactive stations where they created goo, magic looking boxes, magnetic contraptions and observed a dry-ice exhibit.

Real Life from Old Navy

Article2DCover.jpg Article2e cover picture by wvbgc On August 5, Old Navy held a “Real Life Experience” event for 20 Club members at their West Hills store. The kids spent the day learning how to use a cash register, sales techniques, entrepreneurship, and stocking and inventory. Don’t be surprised to see some of our Club kids as retail store managers in the future! This event was sponsored by the BGCA/GAP partnership, which made a $250 donation to the Club.

Disney Sponsors Recycling Event
WVBGC Goes "Green"

On June 17, more than 100 youth at the Boys & Girls Club of the West Valley participated in the first annual “Green Your Scene Challenge” community recycling collection and recycle bin competition event.Ten teams competed to see which team could create the best recycle bin out of cardboard boxes and recyclable materials. Each team chose a theme and got to work designing artistic and meaningful recycling bins. In addition, the Club opened its doors to the general public to collect and recycle cans, bottles, ink cartridges, cell phones and electronic equipment to raise money for the Club’s Game Room.

At the event, kids learned about the importance of protecting our earth, and raising public awareness about conservation, greening and recycling. During a judging ceremony, team leaders presented their ideas regarding the importance of conservation, and explained to the judges why their recycle bin was unique. The winning team, The Ginger Snaps, a group of girls aged 10 and under, created a Gingerbread House Recycling Shop with an open chimney shoot to receive bottles and cans and a bird feeder satellite dish. The event concluded with a pizza party, awards ceremony and prizes for all participants.

Microsoft Tech Challenge
Three West Valley Members Receive Netbook Pcs

Mural PaintingAfter winning Microsoft’s Club Tech Challenge, Nicole Maga, Alexi Chacon, & Natalie Mendoza (not pictured) of the Boys and Girls Club of the West Valley attended Microsoft’s Club Tech awards on On May 27, 2010 along with 29 other local Boys and Girls Club.

To be eligible for the Club Tech award, each Boys and Girls Club in the Los Angeles area held their own creative arts contest to recognize the members who demonstrated the best proficiency in the Club Tech challenge. As a result, Microsoft gave each of the 33 winning members a special Netbook PC to enhance their creative minds and inspire them for a career in the creative arts. The Club also received $250 for each winner to be used for the Club’s Tech Center, for a total of $750.

As the local Club members received their prize, they shared what their ambitions were and how the netbooks could help. Nicole has a heart for fashion design; Alexi wants to become an author and write many books; and Natalie wants to become a music producer and a filmmaker. The three West Valley Club members are enthusiastic about their moving forward in their careers. Congratulations to all our winners!

"Into the Woods"
First Drama Club Performance

Mural PaintingMore than 75 parents and Club members attended the first performance of the Boys & Girls Club of the West Valley’s Drama Club on June 8th at the West Valley Playhouse. Stephen Sondheim’s “Into the Woods” was performed by 22 Club members ranging in age from 7 to 11.

The Drama program began last fall thanks to grant from the Vons Foundation. Led by staff members Ross Bagley and Liz Pineda, the kids learned how to sing, dance, memorize lines and work as a team for the performance. “Into the Woods” is a musical play that retells classic fairytales, including Cinderella, Jack and the Beanstalk, Little Red Riding Hood, the and Rapunzel. Here are some of the cast members’ bios:

Cinderella: Malika Steen (10) is a very talented actress who has always taken an interest in acting. She enjoys being creative and having fun with friends. She is a rising star who exercises her creativity not only in acting, but in singing as well.

Baker: Mijael Zamora
(9) joined our cast because he thought acting would be exciting. He has enjoyed acting so far and would like to continue acting. His favorite sport is football and he would like to eventually grow up to be a quarterback…or a famous actor.

Witch: Miranda Ramirez
(11) is an extremely talented actress who shocked us with her ability to memorize her lines so fast. She enjoys dancing and dressing up in various costumes. She sees acting as a way to be someone else for a while.

Baker’s Wife: Amber Popazian
(10) is a very sweet actress who initially joined the ensemble because some of her friends had joined, however “young woman” emerged as a very unique talent who plays soccer in her spare time. She uses her imagination to act as different people in drama and is a very consistent member.

Jack’s Mother: Taliah Jiles (8) is an extremely enthusiastic actress. She enjoys interacting with other kids in our drama program. Her hobbies include singing, cheerleading, and dancing. She says she loves the attention she receives while performing in front of others.

Jack/Wolf: Terrance Vickers (10) is an awesome member of our drama program. His fearlessness and enthusiasm show through his portrayals of the Wolf and Jack in our “Into the Woods” play. He enjoys acting immensely and could easily become Hollywood’s next child star.

Little Red Ridinghood: Melenie Matian (10) is one of our most consistent members in our drama program. She has always enjoyed theatre and always wanted to be an actress. Her enthusiasm shows in her energetic approach to her Little Red Ridinghood character.

Narrator: Star Lewis
(10) is a delightful addition to our “Into the Woods” cast. She says she had been in plays before and wanted to continue acting. Her hobbies include all sports and gymnastics. She certainly has the dedication to become successful in the future.

Celebration of Diversity in Cultural Awareness Month


March is Culture Awareness Month at all of our Boys & Girls Club Sites. Twelve years ago this program was initiated by Kelsey Maruyama, Vice President, who was then the Education Coordinator. Its goal was to educate Club members and bring cultural awareness to their lives. The program was developed as a result of racial conflicts among several Club members. She felt that the problem between the kids stemmed from their lack of knowledge and tolerance of each other’s cultural backgrounds. The first year of implementation was a huge success because the participants enjoyed the activities and gained a better understanding of their peers. Over the years, as a result of our committed staff, the six week program has continued to be an amazing experience for our members.

Martial Artists

Throughout the duration of the program youth learn about different cultures in the areas of history, art, music, recreation, language and food. Each week focuses on one country and the members have a great time learning about and experiencing that culture. The culmination event is a cultural potluck where parents and staff bring a dish from their own ethnic backgrounds. It’s a time for everyone to celebrate both their own culture and the diversity of others.

What's Cooking at Blythe Elementary?


Blythe Elementary is one of seven sites comprising the Boys & Girls Club of the West Valley.

This year, we revamped our healthy habits program and added a little spice; our new program is called Creative Kids’ Healthy Cooking Class.

While learning about the different food groups and making healthy choices, kids are able to get hands-on experience and make the food themselves. As member Isaiah Abernathy wholeheartedly declared, “Making healthy choices is the right way to go.”

Items on our menu have been simple and tasty for even the pickiest eaters, including fruit kabobs, peanut butter rice cakes, banana pancakes, fruit smoothies and much more. Moreover, the program crosses cultural borders by making food from different cultures, like Salvadorian pupusas.

More CooksParents have also joined in our program by helping with cooking, exploring, and most importantly, tasting our creative food.

Once our program is completed, members will have their very own Boys and Girls Club recipe book to take home and share with their families. This delights Jennifer Ibara, who says, “Cooking Class is the best program, my mom needs to learn too.”

Members are free to be creative. Our latest creation was “pasta-chicken- veggie-sauce-cheese- surprise,” which was delicious!

Master Cook looks at student cooksHere are some recipes for you to try at home:

Kids’ Fruit Kabob

  • 1 can (20 ounces) pineapple chunks
  • 2 cups diced red apples
  • 2 cups cubed cantaloupe
  • 1 cup seedless green grapes
  • 1 cup strawberries

Clean all fruit and place it in large bowls. Each kid gets one large skewer and takes turns creating their very own fruit kabob.


  • 2 cups of cooked pasta
  • 1 can of tomato sauce
  • 2 cans of cooked chicken
  • 2 cans of mixed vegetables
  • 2 cups of shredded Monterey jack cheese

In a large bowl mix pasta with tomato sauce, next place in the cooked chicken. Then stir in the cans of veggies. Once all your ingredients are mixed together, place in a large baking pan. Evenly spread cheese on top and bake for fifteen minutes. Serve and ENJOY!

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