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Executive Committee - Chairman Gary Thomas
Meets 2nd Tuesday of the month 8:00 am
The Executive Committee assumes such duties and powers as are delegated by the Board and formulates recommendations for Board action. The committee consists of the officers of the Board of Directors and is chaired by the Board Chairman Gary Thomas.

Board Development - Chairman Eric Kentor

Meets 1st Thursday of the month 9:30 am
The Board Development Committee is responsible for identification, recruitment, nomination, orientation, evaluation, and recognition of Board members.

Finance & Investment Committee - Chairman Jaemin Yang
Meets 2nd Thursday of each month 9:00 am
The Finance Committee meets and works with the President/CEO to prepare the annual budget and reviews monthly financial statements as prepared by the Club’s accountant. In cooperation with the CFO, the Finance Committee recommends periodic budget adjustments as needed. The committee also makes recommendations to the Board of Directors regarding investment management of the Club’s endowment funds and use of related income.

Facilities Committee - Chairman Christopher Murray
Meets as necessary
The Facilities Committee is responsible for assuring the overall satisfactory condition of the facilities, furnishings, and grounds of the Club. It periodically inspects the Club for necessary maintenance and repairs and submits estimates for major repairs and new equipment to the Board for authorization. The committee also sees that an inventory is kept of physical property and equipment and is responsible for a comprehensive plan for maintenance, security and equipment replacement.

Human Resources Committee - Chairman Dwight Odland
Meets as necessary
The Human Resources is concerned with the well-being of all staff members and their effectiveness. It advises the Board on human resources standards, practices, and policies along with the President/CEO, the committee periodically reviews written policies, practices and procedures and procedures for direction and guidance of the staff.

Resource Development Committee - Chairman Gail Guglielmino
Meets 2nd Thursday at 5:30pm
The Resource Development Committee is responsible for planning and leading the annual campaign to raise money for the Club. The annual fundraising plan should be comprehensive, assuring a diversity of income sources and maximum involvement by Board members. The Resources Development Committee recommends plans and strategies for campaigns and subcommittees of fundraising.

Kampaign for Kids - Chairman Morris Bekas
The annual Kampaign for Kids Committee raises funds from staff, board members, individuals and corporations. The campaign is designed to last three months.


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Club de Cuba – May 6, 2011 – Chairman Clay Andrews
The Club de Cuba committee plans the annual spring casino event that raises funds through sponsorships, silent and live auctions, and ticket sales. The committee begins to meet in January and the event is usually the Friday before Mother’s Day.


California United Bank Golf Tourney- October 24, 2011.
Chairman David Rainer

The annual Golf Tourney is sponsored by California United Bank and is held in late fall. The staff at CUB and members of the Club serve on the committee. The event raises funds through sponsorships, players, live auction, and a raffle. The committee begins to meet in May.

Marketing and Communications Committee
Chairman Martin M. Cooper

Meets every 3rd Tuesday of each month at 8:00 am
The Marketing and Communications Committee develops and implements a year-round marketing program that communicates the activities, purposes, and needs of the Club. It cultivates interest and support of all media outlets and other target audiences. The committee also prepares news releases, annual report, pamphlets, flyers, and other communications materials.

Program Committee - Chairman Brent Guttman
Meets Quarterly
The Program Committee reviews, creates and implements new programs
for Club members and explores opportunities for local corporations to
sponsor specific programs.

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