West Valley Boys and Girls Club Great Futures Start Here

In June 2016, we completed a survey of 299 Club donors to learn their attitudes toward the Club and what we do. We received some great feedback and a confirmation of a job well done. A few highlights of the responses:
  • 100% felt we make a difference for the youth in our community.
  • 90% saw the Club as active in the community.
  • 86% felt we are good stewards of the resources invested in the Club.
  • 90% supported the Club because they wanted to “do something to help the youth in my community.”
  • 85% felt that Education and Career Development is the Club’s most important activity; 80% also felt that programs in Health and Life Skills were important.
  • 100% felt the Club is spending their donation in a responsible manner.

To see some more response answers click here.

In 2010, California Lutheran University's Damooei Global Research conducted a study on the impact the Club had on the community. What was found was amazing, but not unexpected results. A few highlights are:
  • Have lower teen pregnancy and motherhood rates which create economic savings.
  • Resolve conflicts and become more peaceful with peer and others in their community.
  • Live healthier lives, reducing obesity, diabetes, and other chronic diseases.
  • Promote volunteerism in the community.
  • Have lower arrest rates.

Most importantly, for every $1 spent investing in the Club, we return $16.42 of positive impacts for the community.
Click here to download the 2010 Impact Study

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