Teen Programs

This teen-only zone allows them to explore their distinct voices and pursue their dreams and passions, which helps build self-confidence among our teens.

Education & Career Development

Enables youth to become proficient in basic educational disciplines & apply learning to everyday situations.

Power Hour
– Gives members opportunity to get help with homework in all subject areas.

Spelling Bees
– (Middle School only) conducted at each site annually.

Mad Science
– Offered at both Middle school sites; Hale Charter Academy and Main Club’s Teen Center and Canoga Park High School - this program teaches youth about everyday phenomena through a set of experiments and lesson plans. Using ordinary materials, youth develop skills such as measuring, classifying, predicting, experimenting, and forming hypotheses.

Money Matters – This program involves small group activities, interactive games, and special tools to helps teenagers build money management skills and financial literacy.

– Offered at Both Middle School locations; Hale Charter Academy & Main Site Teen Center. This program allows youth 10-14 to explore their engineering and creative sides; while building various robotics using the LEGO Mindstorms kit.

This teen-only zone allows them to explore their distinct voices and pursue their dreams and passions, which helps build self-confidence among our teens.

The Arts

Enables youth to develop their creativity and cultural awareness

National Fine Arts Program
 – the Club provides the following art classes: Drawing and Painting. Beginning to offer at CPHS.

– The Boys & Girls Club of the West Valley has just partnered up with the Outkast Academy, a premier dance program that offers dance classes and mentorship to youth. Outkast academy takes students through the "process of discovering their passion, identifying who they are as a dancer, and embracing their craft. Through our no-judgment culture we provide technique, body conditioning, and performance training for all levels, transforming even those who come in with little to no dance experience into confident, passionate, and powerful dancers".

– A professional music teacher teaches Guitar, band, and drums. Band performances are held periodically at the club.

Imagemakers Program
 – “The goal of the National Photography Program and Imagemakers National Photography Contest is to enable youth to develop their creativity and cultural awareness through the appreciation of photography. The program and contest provide children with the opportunity to express themselves creatively, build confidence, learn new skills and showcase the artwork of Club members to the community”. Program runs at CPHS, Cleveland, Hale, and Teen Center.

Lyricism 101
 – Members express themselves through poetry and they learn how to perform their pieces. Spoken Word/Open Mic nights are planned throughout the year.

MusicMakers/Digital Music Production
– An afterschool program for students interested in music (creation, appreciation, or production). Open to all skill levels and interests. Whether students wants to learn an instrument, sing, learn about audio engineering, or even plan music events, this program will provide a space for students to explore their interest on a deeper and professional level. With a recording studio at their fingertips, members will simultaneously build on skills that are essential for a career in music/audio production.

Health & Life Skills

Develops members’ capacity to engage in positive behaviors that nurture their well-being.

SMART Moves is a Boys & Girls Clubs of America national prevention program that focuses on the following areas:

1. Start SMART & Stay SMART – Drug and alcohol awareness & prevention.

2. SMART Girls – Adolescent girls learn to develop healthy lifestyles and attitudes.

3. Passport to Manhood – Adolescent boys learn to develop healthy lifestyles and attitudes.

Street SMART – Consists of three modules: Gang Awareness and Resistance, Conflict Resolution & Positive Peer Helpers.

Character & Leadership Development

Empowers youth to support & influence their Club & community, develop a positive self-image and sustain meaningful relationships.

Torch Club
– Leadership development program for members ages 11-14. Members plan and participate in community service projects. Program offered at Both Middle School sites; Hale Charter Academy and Main Site Teen Center.

Keystone – Leadership development program for members ages 15-18. Focus Areas of Keystone-

Community Service, Academic Success, Career Preparation and Teen Outreach.

Community Service and Social Awareness Events – All Members in both Torch Club and Keystone lead various community service projects throughout the year, such as Beach Cleanups, Anti- Bullying and Anti –Tobacco Campaigns.

CyberPatriot (Canoga Park High School) sponsored by Beyond the Bell
– is the premier national high school cyber defense competition that is designed to give hands on exposure to the foundations of cyber security. CyberPatriot's goal is to excite students about Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) education. Within the preparation of the competition, students will be introduced new ideas about cyber security through a free educational program called CyberNEXS. Students will learn about various topics in windows and linux systems including, but not limited to, virus detection, vulnerabilities, computer patching, and data servers.

JV InvenTeams (High School) sponsored by Beyond the Bell & MIT
– JV InvenTeams are groups of students who are encouraged to lead creative and productive lives, through invention. Students are encouraged to develop their hands-on skills with Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM). Participants are challenged to design a new product, or perfect an existing one, that can be beneficial to humanity as a whole. Inventions typically involve making an existing item’s manufacturing process better for the environment, or creating a similar item from materials which are recycled or have less of an environmental impact.

Sports, Fitness & Recreation

Develops fitness, positive use of leisure time, stress management & social interpersonal skills.

TRIPLE PLAY is a holistic three-pronged comprehensive health, fitness and wellness initiative design to address the poor eating habits, physical inactivity, and alarming obesity epidemic that is threatening the lifelong health and wellness of youth in our community.


Healthy Habits - Nutrition education covering the power of choice.


Sports, Dance, Yoga - (Canoga Park High School & Main Site Teen Center),

Recreational Activities, Weight room and Fitness center – (High School only)


Social recreation engages Teens in a variety of activities that encourage achievement, cooperation, positive relationships with others, and age appropriate positive social skills.