West Valley Boys and Girls Club Great Futures Start Here

Bob Blumenfield
Los Angeles City Councilman, Third District

“The Boys & Girls Club of the West Valley is a great organization that helps young people grow in a healthy, positive, safe environment.  I know their work firsthand, enjoy partnering with them on many projects, and am proud that they serve so many families in my district.” 

"The West Valley Boys and Girls Club consistently provides the Elementary students with structured, enriching experiences which nourish the mind and body.”
Randy G. Haege
Principal, Blythe Elementary School

"So thankful to have a supportive program like the Boys & Girls Club of the West Valley for our students and families! Thank you Boys & Girls Club staff for all that you do!"
Shauna Lehtihalmemy
Assistant Principal, Hale Charter Academy


"Jonathan had a wonderful year at the Boys & Girls Club. Everyone there, from Gina to Ruben and Mike, were wonderful to my son. We're looking forward to another year at the Boys & Girls Club. I would recommend this to everyone who has children in Ivy Academia. Thank you all so much and we'll see you at registration on May 3rd for Jonathan's second year at the Club."
The Bloch Family

"My children have been a part of the West Valley Boys and Girls Club now for about six years…The staff treats every child equally and the interaction within the staff helps them run the programs smoothly…Speaking from a parent’s point of view, I feel comfortable having the administration overlook my girls. I can honestly say that it is their home away from home.

What the children don't see is that the Club is molding them into our next generation. During the school year, they are motivated to do their homework with assistance from the staff. And they also have many incentives to meet each child's ability level whether it may be in math, science, music, art, sports, leadership, etc. Overall, the club is living up to its motto - "A Positive Place for Kids"."

Carmen Ochoa
Club Member Parent

“The Boys and Girls Club has always accommodated my daughter and myself. Being a single parent working a full-time job with minimal outside support – I appreciate the needs that are being met, the dedication and support they have shown us since we’ve started. The Boys and Girls Club caters to the kids’ needs and provides a variety of different programs to help their little minds advance and provide social skills that they need for growing into adulthood. The Club’s focus and team spirit gives parents a sense of pride and hope for the livelihood of our children. Thanks to the Boys and Girls club, I can leave my child in a secure environment where I know she will be safe and learn the expected and unexpected."
Irene Lewis
Club Member Parent

“My name is Jason Nocero and I am the father of Caleb Nocero (6 years old).  Caleb attends the after school program at Reseda Elementary daily.  I am a very active father when it comes to my son.  This is his second year with the Boys and Girls club and while I have heard of one case where a parent was not content with the after school program, I would like to emphasize our extreme confidence and pleasure with every aspect of how this program is run. I have witnessed first hand on numerous occasions the professionalism that Coach Carlos and his team exhibit.  I count on all the coaches to keep me informed and to communicate with me as my son has the lung disease, Cystic Fibrosis.  All the coaches seem to be very attentive and aware of all the children that they manage.  I had a pleasant conversation with Mrs. Doros (1st grade), who has been a teacher at Reseda for around 30 years.  The subject of the after school program came up and she too was impressed with their eagerness to communicate with the teachers in an effort to maintain a level of learning once class ended.  Unfortunately, sometimes in life we only hear the negative, which always outweighs the positive, I wanted to take the time to send some positive words towards the Boys and Girls Club.  Keep up the good work and thank you for taking such good care of all the kids!”

Jason Nocero
Club Member Parent

Thank you to these prominent Valley organizations which have commemorated the Boys & Girls Club of the West Valley's 25th Anniversary!

Northridge Chamber of Commerce
West Valley Chambers of Commerce
Valley Industry & Commerce Association



WHEREAS, In celebration of its two and a half decades of service to the local community, the Boys & Girls Club of the West Valley will host a 25th Anniversary Founders’ Gala, 25 Years of Impacting Lives, on October 27, 2017, and upon this occasion, the Club is deserving of special public recognition and the highest commendations; and
WHEREAS, Established in 1992 by a group of community leaders, the Boys & Girls Club of the West Valley was founded in response to the need for safe, affordable, education, and productive activities for at-risk youth during non-school hours, and for the first ten years, the Club made its home in various schools, finding its first home at Calvert Elementary School in Woodland Hills and moving to Columbus Middle School in Canoga Park in 1998 and the Pacific Lodge Boys Home in Woodland Hills the following year; and
WHEREAS, With the help of a grant from the State and assistance from a local business leader, the Boys & Girls Club of the West Valley purchased its own facility in January 2004, following many years of fundraising, and today, the Club makes its home in a two-story 10,000-square-foot building located at 7245 Remmet Avenue in Canoga Park, a building that was recently renovated and is well-suited to meeting the needs of local children; and
WHEREAS, A part of the Boys & Girls Clubs of America, which has served children and youth for more than 100 years, the Boys & Girls Club of the West Valley has helped to advance the national organization’s mission to inspire and enable all young people, especially those from disadvantaged circumstances, to realize their full potential as productive, responsible, and caring citizens; and
WHEREAS, Since its inception, the Boys & Girls Club of the West Valley has evolved into a leading organization in the local community, a dynamic force striving to improve the quality of life of its members and the community at large; now, therefore, be it
RESOLVED, the above named organizations salute the Boys & Girls Club of the West Valley on the celebration of its 25th Anniversary.

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